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CLICK is a one-stop shop for concentrated business education and support, training, mentoring, networking opportunities, and coaching to accelerate your path to market. CLICK can provide a kick-start for a great idea or an early stage, high-growth business. The Central Lakes has inspired pioneers to challenge the status quo. CLICK wants it all to click for your venture.


CLICK provides the fertiliser to get businesses investor ready, including fulfilling due diligence requirements, fertilising the seed with stream lined processes to create lean and agile high-growth ventures. CLICK provides bandwidth and exposure, including knowledge and capability transfer. CLICK is approachable and accessible.


CLICK’s partners – Callaghan Innovation, CreativeHQ, and QLDC – are committed to regional development with a global perspective. They have the desire to see sustainable ventures built from regional foundations and taken to a global market.

Our Startups


WattsCraft began in 2014 with two brothers hankering for a little jet boat to venture into New Zealand’s mountains. Based in Otago, New Zealand, WattsCraft specialises in designing very small high performance river jet boats and also have tools and knowledge to tackle other engineering, metalwork & industrial design projects.


Aspiring to be the world’s leading adventure travel network, and led by a team of global adventurers, exploreGO was founded with the purpose of consolidating adventure into a single web platform. The aim is to empower users to get inspired, discover, book, experience and share the world’s most incredible adventure experiences.

Auditz is a safety management app. We are the starting point for businesses looking to identify and manage health and safety risks in the workplace. We reduce the likelihood of harm occurring and reduce exposure to costly litigation by providing an internationally recognised framework for businesses to manage their health and safety needs in accordance with legislation.


Chomp was designed in response to the 2014 Food Safety Act. Chomp recognised a real need for the promotion of safe food practices and championing great food safety culture within businesses. Chomp’s digital Food Safety App provides clear and easy to use “call to action features” allowing food safety to be managed and promoted within the food service industry

Caught Short

Caught Short believes in being nature’s perfect guest by taking out what we take in, no matter if it’s a remote spot or a ‘well used’ trail. We provide products that easily allow you to explore with freedom and leave nothing behind but footprints.

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